Highlights of 2017

As 2017 draws to an end I find myself reflecting on the past year and planning for the future. I particularly enjoy looking back briefly just to see how I’ve come and the progress I have made. I can’t say I have faced many challenges this year, the ones I have faced I’ve definitely learnt… Continue reading Highlights of 2017

Day 27 #SMSelfLoveClub

Monday 27th November – Who are your role models? What qualities do you have with them? I don’t have role models as such but I do have a few people who inspire me. One of them being a good friend, Kiran Aulakh, the second person to inspire me is the one and only Zoey Wright,… Continue reading Day 27 #SMSelfLoveClub

Day 26 #SMSelfLoveClub 

Sunday 26th November – Practise gratitude. What are you grateful for in your life? I am grateful for having a loving, supportive family and boyfriend. I’m grateful for my successes in life and for having the experiences I’ve had. I’m especially grateful for going through what I have been through as it has made me… Continue reading Day 26 #SMSelfLoveClub