Hospital Essentials

No one likes a surprise or planned hospital visit. Whether is a day or two or even a longer stay. The in-house shops and canteens cost a lot, the food isn’t that great and the beds are not comfortable at all. Despite this, it’s always worth to be prepared and have everything you need for… Continue reading Hospital Essentials

Squishy’s 2nd birthday!

The past two years have flown by. Here's what happened the week of my surgery.  On Monday 4th January 2016 I received the worst news I could ever have imagine receiving.

The Spoonie Christmas Challenge!

The Spoonie Mummy has tagged me in her Christmas challenge! This one made me think! What illnesses do you suffer with? I suffer from Crohn’s Disease, anxiety, asthma, eczema and psoriasis. What’s the craziest ‘cure’ someone has offered you? I think I’ve been lucky because no one has ever approached me with Juice plus and… Continue reading The Spoonie Christmas Challenge!