Day 27 #SMSelfLoveClub

Monday 27th November – Who are your role models? What qualities do you have with them? I don’t have role models as such but I do have a few people who inspire me. One of them being a good friend, Kiran Aulakh, the second person to inspire me is the one and only Zoey Wright,… Continue reading Day 27 #SMSelfLoveClub

Day 26 #SMSelfLoveClub 

Sunday 26th November – Practise gratitude. What are you grateful for in your life? I am grateful for having a loving, supportive family and boyfriend. I’m grateful for my successes in life and for having the experiences I’ve had. I’m especially grateful for going through what I have been through as it has made me… Continue reading Day 26 #SMSelfLoveClub 

Day 25 #SMSelfLoveClub

Saturday 25th November – What is one choice you can make now that your future self will be happy about? One choice that I can make now in order for me to be happy with in the future is to plan and prepare. This goes for everything, from assignments, articles and blogs to dinner and… Continue reading Day 25 #SMSelfLoveClub