The Spoonie Christmas Challenge!

The Spoonie Mummy has tagged me in her Christmas challenge! This one made me think!

What illnesses do you suffer with?

I suffer from Crohn’s Disease, anxiety, asthma, eczema and psoriasis.

What’s the craziest ‘cure’ someone has offered you?

I think I’ve been lucky because no one has ever approached me with Juice plus and all of that claiming to ‘cure’ crohn’s.

Disabilities – What do you want people to know?

I want people to know that we are human too, don’t underestimate us! However, our bad days are not the same as yours, some of us suffer more. 

Favourite guilty pleasure?

I don’t watch much TV but I’ll never miss an episode of EastEnders or Coronation Street!

Favourite hydration?

Plain water for me! I used to drink cold water but now I drink hot water. I also like, smoothies though they don’t always like me. 

Favourite inspirational quote?

The pain’s compulsory, suffering’s optional – Santan Dave

Flare essentials?

Hot water bottle, I have a pregnancy pillow that I use to get in comfortable positions with which helps a lot, hot drinks, plenty of blankets or a duvet and my teddy (hey, a girl has needs)!


At the moment I’m on little medication. I have dioralyte to help prevent dehydration and Immodium melts. 

What do you need a spoonful of? Love, Hope, Understanding?

I’d never say no to a spoonful of energy!

If you could get rid of one symptom what would it be?

I think there’s a lot of us IBDer’s who will agree on this one. I’d get rid of fatigue, hands down – it’s really awful. 

Pet or service dog?

No pets. 

Hospital selfie

This was 3 days post op of my recent surgery.


Support system?

My mum’s my pillar, she’s honestly my rock, I don’t know how I would cope without her. Then there’s my boyfriend who I’m trying to educate on IBD as much as possible. I also have some great friends who have IBD so they know exactly what I go through. 

Throwback of healthier days

I was 9 years old when I started getting ill so here’s a major throwback to when I was a healthy baby.


Most helpful advice?

The most helpful advice I’ve ever come across in 10 years is to look after myself first. There’s been too many times I had over done it for others and paid the price by becoming ill. 

Shout out to your doctor

This one’s to my peadiatric consultant Dr Puntis – you were great, even when I didn’t really know what I was dealing with you were a doctor that genuinely cared. 

Favourite ‘safe’ food

Buttered toast

Favourite ‘not safe’ food

Chicken szechuan –  chilli just doesn’t agree with me



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