Day 27 #SMSelfLoveClub

Monday 27th November – Who are your role models? What qualities do you have with them?

I don’t have role models as such but I do have a few people who inspire me. One of them being a good friend, Kiran Aulakh, the second person to inspire me is the one and only Zoey Wright, a professional fitness model who has Ulcerative Colitis (a form of IBD) and an ostomy. Last but not least, is a very good friend of mine Samantha Wilkinson, words cannot explain how much I adore this woman!

Kiran Aulakh – the qualities I have in common with this lovely lady is ambition. When I was first introduced to Kiran, we rarely spoke but when I got to know her a bit more I could tell she’s passionate about her goals. What inspires me about Kiran is how she is always eager to reach her goals. I’m exactly the same, so meeting someone who is just as hungry for success is very motivating. She inspires me to always achieve the highest form of achievement.

Zoey Wright – I first got to know about Zoey after my surgery last year, as soon as I went on to her page I was blown away. I never thought being a fitness model with an ostomy was possible. Zoey proved to me that having an ostomy doesn’t limit you from life, in fact, anything is possible! The strength she has is amazing, the confidence is something else and the motivation to keep going is crazy. I love that about her. I hope that one day, I can become just as confident, motivated and strong.

Samantha Wilkinson – I first met Samantha around a year and a half ago on an IBD group on Facebook. She had very kindly posted her idea of creating a WhatsApp group and asked if anyone wanted to join. I was very shy at this point (well to be honest I still am) so I sent her a message and she kindly added me. I was introduced to a group of 8 people – who are all so AMAZING!! Who would have thought a group of people you’ve never met before can be so understanding, helpful, genuine and just all round great people?! Anyway, I met Sam in person for the first time at the Purple Wings 2017 charity ball. We got on so well and it was just a great time. The reason Sam inspires me is because she’s such a down to earth person and always puts others first (like me)! She suffers from crohn’s disease and endometriosis, despite this she did a degree in psychology, works full time and has some amazing goals. She inspires me to keep going so that I can too reach my goals. One thing I’ll always love about Sam also is the fact that no matter what she goes through and how tough a situation is, she will always turn it into a positive. That takes some incredible amount of strength.

For me, day 27 of #SMSelfLoveClub is the last day. I’m proud to have done the amount I did. I hope you have enjoyed reading these posts and have learnt something new about me. If you also took part, well done, it’s not the easiest thing to do! Remember, it’s important to challenge yourself and it’s even more important to value yourself and care for yourself.

Love and light,
Guts, Giggles & More x


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